> From: Tim Nutting

> With all due respect and deference, Carrie must not have read this.
Understandable, since apparently so many others on this list haven't read
it either... There are no ambiguous statements here, no American
presidential examples, no political capital, no special favors.>

LOL - Happy Election Day, too, everybody. Its possible, however, that the
BR staff is busy working on a new defination of "Rergency" for the line's
relaunch some unknown time in the future. Remember the words, "exciting
new format..." ? With the prior references to Mages aging from casting
Battle Magic, it all adds up to make me wonder just how MUCH revising they
might be planning...

> The simple fact that this whole excerpt is right next to the tighmaevril
description and the rules on usurpation (bloodtheft), two very hotly
discussed and very important things in many peoples' games, amazes me. Not
the placement, but that it seems like this is such a big secret.>

Like everything else in these books, a person can almost never find
something when actively looking for it, so most likely the passages are
only ever found when one is looking for something ELSE.