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    Guild courts I imagine being similar to "The Godfather". Temples I see as
    similar to the Vatican or the Mormon Tabernacle.

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    Pieter Sleijpen ( wrote:

    - -> This situation pointed out that the court rules as presented in the
    - -> books are rather limited and to my idea only apply to landed rulers.
    I have to agree with you on this point, the courts described in the rules
    are more palace-courts.

    - -> A wizard has got no money for a court, does this mean he can not do any
    - -> diplomatic actions?
    I don't think a real mage needs a court, the status as a real/true mage is
    enough that a king or regent-priests comes runing when the mage calls (not
    all true, but I hope you get the picture what I mean).

    - -> How is it with guild courts, is it something like the idea my player
    - -> had? A guild holding certainly does not need festivities to be more
    - -> succesfull. And what about the temple? Their courts may be more simular
    - -> to the courts or landed rulers...
    - -> What have you done about this?

    I haven't tought much about this, as we haven't played so much with regents
    and for the moment we are into playing Fading Suns and Kult. But I think
    too that ruler (land owner) and temple courts are the ones which are
    described in the rules.

    Suggestion for Guild court:
    The guild leader chooses a main holding which will be the place where all
    major decision are made for the guild. The level of this holding is used to
    determin the bonus for dipolomatic actions, but only in matters which has
    something to do with economics. This advantige will cost the Guild 1GB per
    3 months.

    Suggested Mage court:
    The mage must have somesort of stronghold (minimum is a tower), the level
    of the source the Mage holds in the province where this stronghold lies is
    divided (halfed) and add to this one for each 5 level of the mage (rounded
    down). To create this court the mage has to pay 1GB and 2RP (one time
    cost). This system can't be used of Court Mages, they use the Court Vvalue
    of the Regent they serve. When it comes to economical matters, then applay
    a -2 points penalty to the diplomancy action.

    As soon as someone decides to build a normal court, they will loose the
    beneficies of thise optional court forms.

    I hope this gives some good thoughts how to make a better Court system.

    //Trizt of Ward^RITE


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