One of my players is playing the regent of a guild on the rise and she
has build a very expensive inn. I have made some rolls involving how
well it is doing and it is doing quite well (at the moment). Now has she
decided to make it her headquarters and thus court. So she has got a
court (at least partly) that earns itself back. Off coarse no land
ruling regent would do this, because it would mean a loss of face.
("Sorry for those strangers, but they paid a huge ammount of money to
sleep in the bedroom in which the last emperor of Anuirie slept.")

This situation pointed out that the court rules as presented in the
books are rather limited and to my idea only apply to landed rulers.

A wizard has got no money for a court, does this mean he can not do any
diplomatic actions? Offcoarse not, as long as the diplomacy is on a
personal level. But wait, he can build trade routes if his source level
is high enough. That involves more people then himself only.

How is it with guild courts, is it something like the idea my player
had? A guild holding certainly does not need festivities to be more
succesfull. And what about the temple? Their courts may be more simular
to the courts or landed rulers...

What have you done about this?