> She's also ridiculously easy to Charm. Humans are incredibly vulnerable to the
> spell that forms the centerpoint of elven magic, especially in comparison to
> the elven 90% resistance to it. That spell alone is what makes it so easy for
> elves to kiss the girls and make them cry.

Elves prefer Enchantment/Charm spells. When you go traveling in your home country
the people you meet most frequently are those of your species. Then why did elves
waste thier time with spells they cannot use on themselves (ie Charm spells)? This
can lead off in two directions: Elven Unity and Elven Charm. Going with the
former, Elves are a very united species (compared to humans and goblins) and
therefore focus thier spells on helping elves and hindering non-elves. Pretty
simple. But, refering to multi-race elven worlds like FR, drow have the charm
resistance too and therfore Enc/Charm spells would be useless in elven civil wars
(inculdes drow vs. surface elves). Or we could take that and go a step further.
Elves with superior charm abilities. Maybe elves can negate or lessen thier
brethren's resistance to Charm when trying to charm em. Perhaps they can easily
charm other races (sv. throw penalty). Just my ideas.

- -Andrew