This is a rule I made up just after my History exam when I was really
into it. I just pulled it right of my homepage, but please take a look
an tell me what you think about it....It would change the campaign a bit
I beleive...Though it could be used as a good way of releive those
guilders of all their excess cash..."You see, our dear King has to be
ransomed so it is just fair, that you the richest citicen pay i fair
amount, like half your income...." :)

Prisoners of War

This is a system built on the historical wars in the Middle Ages. The
wars then like the Hundred Years War meant GREAT fortunes if you
captured any enemy nobles. F. inst. England claimed 500.000 pounds for
Johan 2 the French king, (that's 200.000 cows if you want to convert it
to todays prices, or about 10 times the english king's normal income for
a year).
Anyway, Birthright, this applies after losing a battle and if the regent
of a kingdom was present there is a certain chance for him being
captured. This counts for lieutenants too if they are present, either
leading the battle or helping the regent.

The chance is 2 in 10 modified like this
+2 if total army destroyed or routed
+1 if 75% or more of total number of war cards routed or destroyed, not
cumulative with above.

Also there are minor nobles present at some of the units These might be
caught. Though still use common sense, if one Levy is the only
non-routed unit on the winning side, then it wont be able to capture
anybody. Likewise this only accounts for beating the loser
(routing/destroying all his units), not if he retreats from the battle
Archers, Infantry, Pikemen= 1d3 -2
Cavalery, Elite Infantery=1d2

And how big is the ransom?
Regent= 10-100GB depending on the capturer and the prisoner
Lieutenant= 5-50GB again depending on person
Minor Noble=1-5GB

This sum should be decided between the players and the DM, but Prince
Avan f. inst. would definately warrant the 100GB if not more.

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