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Thread: Orog priests

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    Pieter Sleijpen

    Orog priests

    The next few adventures I am planning will involve the orogs on a
    somewhat deeper level then as simple opponents. The PC's will be
    polymorphed (more like shape changed) into orogs to retrieve a magic
    sword and blame it on an other tribe. To do this I need some more
    information on their way of living besides that what is mentioned in the
    various boxed sets (I own all). The only thing I know is that there is a
    lot of internal squables, they are lead by the priests and have tribes
    who are divided in clans.
    I would love to hear some of your idea's concerning the deity they
    worship. What the abilities of their priests are, their laws (they are
    not chaotic evil so there are some laws) and things like that. I can
    design this all my self, but usefull sugestions will speed up the
    process a lot and time is not something I have a lot of.

    Thanks in advance

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    Tim Nutting

    Orog priests

    Orogs are crafty and cunning thinkers. Portraying them as stupid or weak
    willed is almost a crime. For all the humanoid races across the lands, they
    are perhaps the greatest threats. I think that the only reason that Cerilia
    was not over-run by the humanoids when the humans came was the simple fact that
    the Dwarves were much better then at holding back the Orog threat.

    I haven't found Torazan anywhere in the Planescape references, but I do believe
    that he will be similar to the other monstrous powers. I find it interesting
    that in a world so driven by pantheons, it is only the evil monsters who
    worship a single god... hmmm. Indications are that His priests are warriors,
    and I would heartily recommend using the system in Spells and Magic to make up
    a standardized class of priest, certainly not shamans. They may be cruel and
    barbaric, but I hardly think them primitive.

    Torazan probably favors blood sacrifices, not to frequently, but certainly
    before any major undertaking of war, the priesthood might just sacrifice a
    human or elf or two just to invoke Torazan's blessings. Perhaps the
    sacrificial blood has "purifying" powers that gives the priests special
    abilities for a short time, all the more potent if the blood consumed was a
    scion's, perhaps granting a blood ability for a day, or some such.

    There was a Goblin War Host thread a while back initially posted by one of the
    Olessons, and it spawned an idea in my crafty, wicked little skull.

    Just imagine a new priest, the Chosen of Torazan, rising up in the Blood Skull
    Barony, usurping the Scarlet Baron's power, and leading his Orogs on a sacred
    crusade to capture all the Northlands. This Chosen one might even be an
    awnshegh. maw ha ha ha.

    Tim Nutting

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    Pieter Sleijpen

    Orog priests

    Rest assured, I never had the idea of making the priests of the orogs
    shamans, that would certainly not fit the few tidbits of information
    that are available. At the moment I have the crusader type in my mind,
    but that is solely because I do not have the time to work it out
    detailed at the moment.

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