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From: Pieter Sleijpen
Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 1:11 PM

>The priest asked the Khan why he did not use magic to scout. The khan
>pointed out that for divination magic to work the diviner had to know where
>he was looking for. The problem is that most ruling regent can not afford
>secrecy, since it also allow easier abuse by others. Since knowbody knows
>who you are, somebody could more easily pretend to be you after all.

Pieter brings up a good point, but more importantly alot of the very
functions of Warrior and Priest regents require the authority that comes
from their person. The Priest performs cerimonies, agitates, motivates his
flock by getting before them and speaking about matters divine and
doctrinal. I would also put Bards in this catagory, but the books state
that bard regents are quite rare. The Warrior likewise holds court
(presides as chief judge and legislator), presents himself to his troops and
his people, and represents strength and security.

Such is certainly not the case for Thieves and Wizards. Both are able to
function (and function more easily in most cases) with contact with only a
few trusted intermediaries. Guilders may or may not depending on the skills
that got them where they are. A Guilder who climbed to the top based on his
charisma, negotiating skills, and overall salesmenship, needs to stay out in
front. One who got where he is today by outguessing his rivals, making more
intelligent choices, and the occasional vial of poison, need not.

Of course exceptions are always possible, but they are only interesting once
the normal pattern has been established first.

Kenneth Gauck