einarh@fagerborg.vgs.no wrote:

> For bloodline investiture the BoP says:
> If the donor isn't willing, he can either just be pierced through the heart
> or he must coerce the donor into participating of his own free will through
> Magical means or physical extortion.
> Or he can proceed despite the donors misgivings, but then the donor can
> make a save vs death. (if he succeeds 3 months of preparation has been in
> vain)
> For Divertiture the BoP says:
> The donor can be charmed/convinced/forced, it doesn't matter
> as long as the character takes the actions nessecary.

Thanks for the information guys! I think these quotes make "yes" the short answer
to the original question.

The reason I was interested in this question is because I figured there must be some
sort of reason why the Sword Mage, the Eyeless One and the Wizard (to a certain
extent) go to such lengths to keep their identity secret. I don't think it is
coincidental that these guys also happen to be the evilly aligned mages in
Anuire.... Perhaps it is because they want to be able to switch bodies from time to
time, manipulating the bloodlines and regency of their victims and still maintainng
their own power during these body switching forays.

I have not yet decided exactly how I'm going to work this into my campaign yet, but
the possibilities are enormous.