Scott Koester wrote:

> I believe it states somewhere in the rules (I'd look it up, but I've got
> to jet for class soon....) that an investiture cannot take place while the
> regent is 'under duress' or 'under some controlling influence'.. Only
> seems right, the land can giveth, and taketh away. So why can't it dicern
> the true 'nature' of the ceremony. Does this sound familiar to anyone, or
> am I just a wee bit off the rocker thie morning? :)
> Scott

I bet to differ, I believe the part you are referring to is on page 57 of the
rulebook and goes like this.

"Investiture as a Realm Action
And entire domain or realm under one regent can be invested, but only if the regent
to be divested is alive and physically present at the ceremony. The victim may be
under any kind of magical or physical duress."

However, if the victim is unwilling, the success number is 10+ (as opposed to

The Book of Priestcraft goes further in stating that a single or isolated
investiture involving some but not all of regents domain has a chance of success of
10+ against an unwilling regent. The regent may however bid RP to reduce the chance
of success, but if "the victim regent is present at the ceremony, even as an
unwilling and uncooperative prisoner, he loses the ability to bid against his
enemy. His mere presence creates the trappings of a legitimate transfer of power,
and the divestiture becomes easier to accomplish."(p 80-81)

Hope that clears anything up.