>I've been trying recently to get the thief characters in my campaign "back
to their
>nature" so to speak. I like the idea that thieves run guilds, but it
seems to me
>that thieves in BR do relatively little actual thieving. From a cynical
point of
>view, of course, the biggest thieves on the planet are corporations and
such, and I'm
>not going to dictate how to my players how to play their characters, but
I'd like to
>encourage a more traditional (in AD&D terms) use of guilds in my campaign.
Why would
>a guildmaster be able to pick pockets? I am, therefore, giving them more
>opportunities for stealing/spying/catburglery and such so they can behave
more in
>accordance with their character class.

This is true in a certain respect, but I choose to think that the BR
setting takes the thief to a new level. On adventures and stuff, sure you
want the thief along. Any party worth its weight in GB's would. This
gives the PC's plenty of time to do the standard thief thing. However,
when not doing those adventures, the thief is expected to take the role of
the 'merchant' with enough guile and wit to either make himself rich on the
up and up, or to enter the deadly game of Anuirean politics. Starting PC's
might be in a guild and have to do all the 'dirty work' before they get
moved enough up the ladder to start hitting the big leagues. In this case
again, many of those thieving skills will come in handy........