On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Pieter A de Jong wrote:

> For my own contributions consider the possibilities of invisible
> stalkers (or demons/
> other creatures for the lower planes). Conjure a stalker and tell it to
> wait for 1
> week, cooperate with the other stalkers you will summon in that period,
> and then go
> and assinate another regent (or worse yet, kidnap for bloodtheft). If
> you can cast one
> invisible stalker spell/day, that is 7,8 HD, flying, invisible, silent
> assasins who
> are also faultless trackers. Equip them with poisoned short swords to
> make the kill
> even more certain. You could kill regents, whole courts full of
> functionaries, or even
> just set them loose in someone elses province with orders to kill as
> many
> people/goblins/elves/halflings as possible in a month. An individual
> stalker could
> massacre a whole town in an evening. As a group, without organized
> magical defenses,
> they would be nearly invincible.

Just another reason why any Anuirean politico wanting to play the "game of
thrones" had better get himself one damn good court wizard he can trust.
Of course, Mr. Evil Wizard had better be fully prepaired for the soon-to-
ensue war in which the main goal will be returning home with his head on a
pike, or if that is impossible, the complete ruination of all of his
Source holdings. Equal and opposite reactions, and all. Plus, putting a
price on someone's head is perfectly acceptable in defence of a realm for
a Lawful Good regent.

Mark VanderMeulen