On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Pieter A de Jong wrote:

> Remember certain comments about 30th+ level elven mages, and how the
> elves should
> have won the original war with the humans? Yes, I agree with you. The
> existence
> of mages just implies a high-magic world by default. High level mages
> don't die
> off easily, and train apprentices. If they are immortals, they train
> lots of
> apprentices.
> I think that the domain rules in Birthright actually underestimate the
> effects of
> non-realm spells on domains. A single magic mirror spell can easily
> duplicate the
> results of an espionage action. And conjured/polymorphed creatures
> could be
> extremely devestating in combat. Regular castings of Animate dead can
> generate
> undead armies (with no maintenance costs) in a very short period (given
> enough
> corpses). Bound earth elementals could be very useful in build actions.

Two words: Material Components.

Mark VanderMeulen