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    Rene Schilt

    How to play Birthright ?

    Hi all,

    I've been reading this list for a while now,
    and i was wondering, how do you all GM Birthright?

    I imagine there are several ways to play.

    Personally I play as follows, my PCs are all regents,
    ruling one country.

    Fighter rules law holdings.
    Mage rules sources.
    Guilder rules guilds.
    Priest rules temples.

    What other ways are used to GM Birthright ?



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    Even =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=F8

    How to play Birthright ?

    At 11:18 28.10.98 +0100, you wrote:
    >Hi all,
    >I've been reading this list for a while now,
    >and i was wondering, how do you all GM Birthright?
    >I imagine there are several ways to play.
    >Personally I play as follows, my PCs are all regents,
    >ruling one country.
    >Fighter rules law holdings.
    >Mage rules sources.
    >Guilder rules guilds.
    >Priest rules temples.
    >What other ways are used to GM Birthright ?

    There are several ways to run a Birthright campign:
    #1: You could run it as a ordinary AD&D campaign where the PC's are nothing
    more than a group of regular heroes. You just base one the Birthright
    setting. Unlike most of the other AD&D settings, this one is a very good
    basis for the more intrigue ang ploitical based adventures, but hey who said
    that the characters couldn't drop bye some old ruins and kick the hell out
    of the bugbears that were nesting there. It is up to you as a GM to decide
    if you want the characters to have a bloodline or not

    #2: One of the characters is a regent and the other ones are not. This would
    be much like the previous campaign, with the group running "missions" for
    their domain. This makes it easier to motivate the players into taking
    action in the plot you have made. The problem is always about who will play
    the regent. Try not to emphasis the domain actions in this type of campaign,
    but let each action be part of one or several advetures.

    #3: The characters form a ruling council in a domain, and must take actions
    together (or against each other) to make thing go their way. Otherwise much
    as the above campaign.

    #4: Perhaps the most classic one is to let each character run her/his
    domain. There are to sub groups of this type of campaign:
    A)The characters all play landed regents of some sort, most will end up as
    fighter regents. This is the most easy type as it forces the characters to
    interact with each other. Sometimes the characters co-operate, but far more
    often they run into each other's throats.
    B)The characters can choose which domain type they want to play. This often
    ends up with the characters running of with wildly different agendas, and it
    is very difficult to make good stories that catch all of them.

    #5: A type of the above campaign is to start with an already signed treaty
    between the players. It could either be that the neighbouring domains have
    to stand together against a common foe, or all players have different
    domain's in one realm, making them cooperate for them common good of their

    I have played several other types of campaigns, with videly varied degrees
    of sucsess, but the above stated ones are the ones that I think runs best
    and are most interesting to play.


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