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Before TSR announced what they intended the Cold Rider to be, I had the
following in mind:
The Gorgon, as Azrai's champion, should have assumed Azrai's mantle after
Deismaar. However, he would not, or could not, let go of his desire to be
the respected ruler of his father's people. His determination to defeat the
remnants of the Andu following Roele anchored him to the Prime, and blocked
away much of the essence of Azrai that should have made him the new Dark
Yet Azrai's essence was not satisfied to be the most feared of the
Awnsheghlien. So, in the Shadow World, the Gorgon's Shadow-self grew in
power and drew the power of Azrai that the Gorgon held at arms length.
The Cold Rider, then, was Raesene's shadow self - basically human looking,
but possessed of a near-divine level of blood powers. The power to transcend
even his Awnshegh form had been refused by Raesene's "true" self, and was
instead becoming part of his Shadow-self. For the Cold Rider to complete his
ascension as the Dark One, however, he must free himself of the "true"
Raesene and absorb ALL of the essence of Azrai.
This last, then, accounts for the apparent "petrification" of the Gorgon.
The process is an insidious attack from the Shadow World.

Of course, that leaves PC heroes with an interesting dilemma: Save, and
potentially free, the Gorgon; or see an even mightier force of evil arise
and join Belinik and Kriesha.

- --------------- from the Desk of Silveras -----------------
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In Blood Enemies, the Gorgon is noted to be jealous of the power of Benilik
and Kreisha. IMO, the Gorgon is wants to become a god. How should he go
about becoming one? For that matter, would blooded characters be able to
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