Gary V. Foss wrote:

> Pieter A de Jong wrote:
> > For my own contributions consider the possibilities of invisible
> stalkers (or demons/
> > other creatures for the lower planes). Conjure a stalker and tell
> it to wait for 1
> > week, cooperate with the other stalkers you will summon in that
> period,
> > and then go and assinate another regent (or worse yet, kidnap for
> bloodtheft). If
> > you can cast one invisible stalker spell/day, that is 7,8 HD,
> flying, invisible, silent
> > assasins who are also faultless trackers. Equip them with poisoned
> short swords to
> > make the kill even more certain. You could kill regents, whole
> courts full of
> > functionaries, or even just set them loose in someone elses province
> with orders to kill
> > as
> > many people/goblins/elves/halflings as possible in a month. An
> individual
> > stalker could massacre a whole town in an evening. As a group,
> without organized
> > magical defenses, they would be nearly invincible.
> Oh, man! That is pretty nasty. Not to mention the fact that a 13th
> level caster could
> basically double that number of Invisible Stalkers....
> Here's a scenario I've never actually used but always thought would be
> horrifying. I've had
> an eye on using this as a way for an elven mage to make humans think
> an area was haunted by
> demonic creatures who drive men mad, but it would work for any evil
> mage who wanted to wipe
> out an enemy camped nearby and scare the hell out of any survivors.
> A wizard casts Invisibility and Silence, 15' radius on a henchmen,
> then casts Magic Jar on a
> gem. The henchmen takes that gem and buries it somewhere within 10
> yards or so of an
> encampment of sleeping soldiers. If the henchman can bury the gem
> within the encampment,
> all the better, but it is not really necessary. The henchman then
> leaves the area going
> outside the range of the spell.
> The wizard possesses a soldier at random. He goes on a killing spree,
> slitting as many
> throats as he can in the dark, but not stopping when the soldiers
> wake, killing until he is
> himself brought down. If he is captured, killed or the fighting
> threatens to move him
> outside the range of the spell (10 yards/level of caster with a
> minimum 9th level wizard
> required to cast a 5th level spell) the mage returns to the gem.
> Perhaps he returns to the
> gem a couple of times anyway by killing himself in front of the
> horrified eyes of the
> soldiers. "Better to die than remain in this accursed forest!" he
> shouts stabbing himself.
> He then possesses another soldier and does the same thing. He
> continues until there is no
> one left to fight, everyone having been killed or run off, and he
> occupies the body of the
> last living soldier in the camp. He then casts a Locate Object spell
> to find the gem (the
> material component of which is a forked twig--how hard is that to
> find?) digs it up and
> carries it back to where his henchmen stands guard over his lifeless
> body. The mage then
> kills himself as the possessed soldier returning his life force to the
> gem. He goes back
> into his regular body ending the Magic Jar spell and he and his
> henchman return home for a
> hot meal and a shower.
> Gary
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