Daniel McSorley wrote:

> I actually think the Gorgon got enough bloodline at Deismaar to be a god,
> and stayed for the same reason he still stays: his obsession with his
> brothers, and later with their creation the empire, keeps him too tightly
> tied to the world for him to ascend. If he would only meditate a little,
> try some Zen or yoga, he'd be there already :)

The difference between what you are talking about and my suggestions might be
pretty slight. I mean, if the Gorgon can't ascend until he deals with what some
people would call "issues arising from a disfunctional family" then it could
pretty much amount to the same thing.

I kind of like the idea that the Gorgon always had the power to become a god,
but not the "personal qualities" that are required. That is, that his need for
revenge upon his family and all the people of Anuire took precedence. Maybe he
did not embody any aspect of godlike power at the time Deismaar happened, so
there was no place for him. If he conquers Anuire and takes his "rightful"
place on the throne, then that need will be satisfied and he can become one of
the gods.... The god of ambition, revenge and hatred.