I recently bought the Planescape supplement on the Ethereal Plane and in
this supplement it is suggested that the Shadow World is actually the
Border Ethereal. While I have some objections against this idea (the
halflings being one of them), it does suggest something about the
'demons' from this place. I always thought the designers were talking
about outer planar creatures, but if the Shadow World is the border
ethereal, then they were talking about Inner plannar creatures. The
demons are not baatezu or tanari, but efreeti, dao, invisible stalkers
and some of the other horrors from the inner planes and the Ethereal.
This will make good aligned mages to think twice before summoning
creatures from the Inner Planes, since the association with the Shadow
World. Even the evil mages have to concider public oppinion before doing
this. This is especialy true for the Khinasi, were these horrors were
rather active during the destruction of the Masetians (which involved
the opening of portals to the Shadow World and summoning demons from
this place) and are still found in the ruins of the Masetians. As undead
are closely related to the negative plane, they are not that unlogical
in this context.

What do you think?