Gary wrote:
>Wasn't there some sort of divine ascension game that came out about ten years
>ago? Some sort of D&D expansion rules in which one played one of the gods
>sought to become more powerful, going up the ranks from demi- to greater god?
>I don't know much about it except what I gleaned from a Sage's Advice column
>few years back, so if someone has some idea what I'm talking about (because
>clearly I don't myself) I think that might help.
>The information that you seem to remember came from Basic D&D, and was called
>the Immortals Set (and was later included in the Hard Cover). It described
>methods to become an Immortal (a Basic D&D god). But in order to start on
>path to immortality you had to be maximum level (36th in Basic).
>Hope this helps.
>Lurker mode back on. :)