Gary V. Foss wrote:
> Another Time and Magic scenario. This one for the elves. I'll call this The Great Wall
> of Thickets....
> Queen Isealie is a 13th level wizard. Using the Plant Growth spell, she creates an area
> of thicket that is 16,900 sq. ft. This could create a barrier 10'x1,690' per casting.
> She can cast this spell 4/day, creating 6,760 ft. of barrier per day. Over a mile! In a
> month, she creates 202,800' of thicket, or 38.4 miles. There are about 500 miles of
> border around the Sielwode, meaning she could surround the entire domain in thickets
> created by Plant Growth spells in around 13 months.
> While this may seem like a long time, I'd suggest that it really isn't terribly long to an
> elf, and it's been 2,000 years since they came into conflict with humans. It also assumes
> that there are no other mages in the Sielwode of 7th level or greater who might help their
> queen, which seems pretty unlikely. (From what I can tell there should be around 100,000
> elves in the Sielwode. According the the populations stats I've been using 10% of those
> elves are of class and level of whom 20% are wizards or multi-classed wizards, that makes
> for around 2,000 elven spellcasters.)
> Such a barrier would not, of course, dissuade serious invaders--it would only take ten
> minutes or so to get through--but it would serve as a pretty good deterrent to casual
> trespassers, and would certainly slow down any units who tried to get through the
> barrier. How many units could stand ten rounds of heavy fire from elven archers while
> they tried to hack their way through the barrier? Plus, who is to say that over the
> centuries the elves would not have made that barrier thicker? Given ten years of serious
> effort that barrier could be a 100' thick or more.
> Gary

Simple answer: torches or that usefull fireball.
(Not to mention that as a regent I would prefer more solid walls and not
the boring task of casting the same spell over and over again.)