Gary V. Foss wrote:
> Pieter A de Jong wrote:
> > Remember certain comments about 30th+ level elven mages, and how the
> > elves should have won the original war with the humans? Yes, I agree with you. The
> >
> > existence of mages just implies a high-magic world by default. High level mages
> > don't die off easily, and train apprentices. If they are immortals, they train
> > lots of apprentices. I think that the domain rules in Birthright actually
> > underestimate the
> > effects of non-realm spells on domains. A single magic mirror spell can easily
> > duplicate the results of an espionage action. And conjured/polymorphed creatures
> > could be extremely devestating in combat. Regular castings of Animate dead can
> > generate undead armies (with no maintenance costs) in a very short period (given
> > enough corpses). Bound earth elementals could be very useful in build actions.
> I think you're right. A mage with a crystal ball can do an awful lot of spying on a
> daily basis, and he needn't worry about things like gates, walls, etc. He can just
> listen in where ever he likes.
> Here's another nightmarish (pun, pun!) possibility. (This is also an interesting
> adventure idea that I think I might exploit in my own campaign....)
Keep feeding my Idea mill Gary. I like it, I like it a lot.
For my own contributions consider the possibilities of invisible
stalkers (or demons/
other creatures for the lower planes). Conjure a stalker and tell it to
wait for 1
week, cooperate with the other stalkers you will summon in that period,
and then go
and assinate another regent (or worse yet, kidnap for bloodtheft). If
you can cast one
invisible stalker spell/day, that is 7,8 HD, flying, invisible, silent
assasins who
are also faultless trackers. Equip them with poisoned short swords to
make the kill
even more certain. You could kill regents, whole courts full of
functionaries, or even
just set them loose in someone elses province with orders to kill as
people/goblins/elves/halflings as possible in a month. An individual
stalker could
massacre a whole town in an evening. As a group, without organized
magical defenses,
they would be nearly invincible.
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Pieter A de Jong
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