I was looking over Sindre's write up of Gary Foss's ships of cerilia chart. What I'd
really like to know is what the hell is a Dromond, Galleass, and Greatship? My other
question is: Can ships have a MC better than A? Are Zebecs/Coasters/Dhows the most
manuverable and quickest sailing ships concieveible? How fast would you say MC A would be
in good, strong winds? In knots, of course. Finally, if steam power is invented, should
it be counted like oar power? What would be a good idea for a steam ship's "rowing" rate?
3 or 4? Which leads me to another question: wouldn't oarsmen get tired after rowing like
crazy for half an hour? Or is the rowing rate a maintainible thing? Then could you push
them harder for a while at the cost of no oar power later?

- -Andrew