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    Tim Nutting

    An Alliance with Lluabraight?

    I am running a campaign that in the long run (very long run) will culminate in
    the rebirth of the Anuirean Empire with a PC at the apparent head. Presently
    the group (the same mentioned in my RotK thread) has no inkling of the final
    solution, or so I think.

    In essence, one of the PCs will first become King of the Giantdowns, with that
    accomplished he will then have to unite the Rjurik, and with that done, perhaps
    he can go South and become the Emperor as is his destiny.

    Ok, preamble over, the question is this, assuming the PCs begin to unite the
    Rjurik in a loose confederation, could they ever get Lluabraight to join them?
    I imagine the first step to be getting the Ghuralli out of the Giantdowns and
    returning Caer Cwwnar and Rhuidar to Lluabraight, and the second possibly being
    the recovery of at least one of the three lost Gems of Arborea. From there,
    the road is open, but could they ever gain the alliance, however bitter, of
    these Elves?

    BTW, anyone have any thoughts on possible "what happened" to the lost Gems of

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    An Alliance with Lluabraight?

    Tim Nutting wrote:

    > BTW, anyone have any thoughts on possible "what happened" to the lost Gems of
    > Arborea?

    I had one in the ruins of the college of sorcery, one in the Rjurik
    dwarven kingdom, and the other in Halskapa (the gem mention in the book
    I also created some information on the gems of arborea that is avalible
    from the netbook site.

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    Ian Hoskins


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