Whenever I present a profile of a political NPC I always offer both a
glowing assesment presented by supporters and allies, and a severe criticism
presented by detractors. This allows me to reveal who one's friends and
enemies are, as well as exagerate both the virtues and faults of an NPC,
meaning that the players have more information, but still have to decide how
to interpret it.

What follows is a discription of the Grand Judge of Baruk-Azhik, regard by
all as the most Brilliant of all the dwarves. [Note: The stats of the court
were rolled on a standard 3d6 method, since they would strictly not
adventure. Nevertheless this NPC rolled a 17 and 18, which I assigned to
Wisdom and Intelligence respectivly.]

Bain Earthkore
Highborn Dwarf
Grand Judge of Baruk-Azhik
served for a while in his youth in the army and is also a 3rd level Ftr.
STR 14
INT 18
WIS 17
CHR 10

Proficencies: 2x Administration (17), 1x Diplomacy (16), 4x Law (21), 2x
Politics (18), 2x Dwarven Rhetoric (19), 1x Persuasion (10), 2x Dwarven
History (13), 1x Logic (18), 2x Observation (19), 1x Endurance (9), 1x
Etiquette (10), 1x Mining (17)

Blood Strength 16 Reynir -- Iron Will (minor), Resistance (minor)

Gracious Friend,
I write to you today about the most Brilliant of the Dwarves, Bain
Earthkore. Bain comes from the estimed clan of Earthkore, one of the mining
clans of Baruk-Azhik. His record as a servant of the Dwarven race is
unparalleled in living memory. He has brought the legal system to the
pinical of effeciency, advancing the cause of justice always and protecting
hard-working dwarves everywhere. Further, as dean of the Kollegart Karamhul
(Dwarven Academy), he has advanced the highest institution of learning from
a conservative manufactury of arcane scholars to a school which rivals any
other university in Anuire, teaching all of the arts and sciences which
might prove usefull to dwarves in the future. No longer a storehouse of
ancient knowledge, the Kollegart now not only preserves the ancient
learning, but makes it useful and accesable as well as teaching poetry,
rhetoric, critical method, and non-dwarven philosophy. A champion of the
arts in Baruk-Azhik, Bain is responsible for the rise of the new styles of
sculpture and dance. Finally, it is always an honor to point out that
Bain's unmatched knowledge of the law (royal, religious, guild and clan) has
always been at the service of the Overthane. Unlike his main rivals,
Rurarch Rockhammer, the "Wainer" Wulfram Ironvein, or Gilaim Ironfoe, he has
never divided his loyalty to the Overthane with that of the Temples,
Provinces, or Clans, nor to the Guilds. His service to state is
unimpeachable, as it is beneficial to all dwarves.

Throvim Earthkore, Grand Miner of Baruk-Azhik
Thraim Earthkore, Dwarven General
Thaim Ironsmelt, Court Poet of Baruk-Azhik (and tutor of the sons of Grimm