Maurizio wrote:

> I would like to point out something about the Gheallie
> Sidhe, in the book they say that it is just another
> extremist elven activity; but it does not really say what
> are the overall (true) plans of the Gheallie Sidhe: is it
> to kill all humans, kill all non-elven beings, show that
> their race is superior to all others, or retake what was
> theirs before the humans invaded? can someone tell me
> please?

I don't think the GS have really defined their goals themselves. The
individual elves in the Gheallie Sidhe, due to their chaotic nature, probably
all have different ideas on what their goals should be. A few folks have
presented the idea that the GS opposes all non-elves, but I haven't really read
anything that would make me think that was correct. Oh, individual elves in
the GS may have that point of view, but the GS itself was originally created in
order to combat humans, and I don't see any reason to change that overall

Like any group, there would be people with different levels of belief within
it. Some of the more zealous (read: conservative) participants should probably
think that their work will not be done until every human on Cerilia is gone.
The "moderates" might think they would be satisfied by controlling all the
forests on the continent, and perhaps take back some formerly forested lands
currently held by humans and possibly reseed them. "Liberal" members of the GS
would probably only want to defend their currently held lands by only murdering
humans who trespass.

You might want to consider the elven nation from which the GS is coming from
also. The elves of the Sielwode are relatively conservative in comparison to
the elves of Tuarhievel.