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    The Gorgon`s Next Target

    Seems to me that the Gorgon has a wide variety of targets to select from.
    The easiest and most logical is a strike through central Anuire, perhaps
    sending a sideforce to the Eastern Marches and the southern Coast. On the
    otherhand, I don't see him doing something THAT predictable.
    The Western Shore of the Great Bay seems to offer good hunting, perhaps even
    another vassal. He could march up the coast and take down Hjolvar. Five plus
    countries, plus a shot at the Fae.
    Or he could be desiring an elven vassal. Tuarhievel and the Sielwode are both
    easily accessible. Lluabraight would probably die first.
    Or he could desire a southern port, and invade Rhormarch.

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    Tim Nutting

    The Gorgon`s Next Target

    I had thought that the Giantdowns would make a good expansion, however that
    would put him smack in the middle of 2 elven realms, and he isn't even friendly
    with the BAD elves, let alone the "Good" ones... Heh.. I've always played that
    he and Rhuobhe were the bitterest of enemies, even when they were on the same

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