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Thread: Elven diet

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    Elven diet

    I was just wandering one simple thing, last Saturday my
    players and I were talking about how elves are fond of
    nature and expecially of trees and plants. So I put forward
    the idea that in elven society, carnivorous behaviour would
    actually be seen as a positive behaviour since that would
    mean that no trees or plants would be killed to feed on.
    But that is just my idea, what do you think?

    Maurizio Garzelli
    "Godzilla is dead and I do not feel very well"

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    Elven diet

    > I remember reading an iniut story somewhere. I forget the details, but
    > this is more or less where it was about:
    > In this story the caribu's (erm, you know the deer the iniut or
    > eskimo's hunt) became sickly and unhealthy. The people asked the help of
    > the great manitou, who created the wolves. The wolves were charged with
    > killing the sick and the weak, so that the healthy would remain and that
    > the herd would thrive.
    > And this story came from a 'primitive' tribe, we westerns are only
    > realising this since the last two decades or so? Surely elves will
    > realise everything about the balance in nature, so their would be no
    > hatred for herbivores. But I agree that if their dietery needs are more
    > or less similar to humans (see an other discusion going on)then they
    > would have no problems with meet. As long as that the animal was free
    > his whole life and was past his prime.

    I understand, but I am not talking about hatred for
    vegetarians, I was more talking about the fact that elves
    seem to privilege woods and forests to animals, so I was
    considering the idea that the elves would prefer to eat
    animal based nutrients rather than vegetable based ones,
    also, if they agree with nature so much, then they would
    also choose herbirovorous animals which have passed their
    prime: it takes trees a long time to loose their
    reproductive ability, while animals usually loose it after
    a matter of years, not centuries (I am not considering
    expeptions). Also, herbivorous animals are easier to deal
    with than carnivorous ones, since they are respectively
    prey and predators and as such most carnivorous creatures
    are able to fight back much more efficiently than
    herbivorous ones.
    Maurizio Garzelli
    "Godzilla is dead and I do not feel very well"

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