Well, my gaming group are hardcore Dragonlance fans and it doesn't seem they'll ever want to play BR. So I thought I would offer my books to a BR fan instead of letting them just collect dust...

If this is illegal for this board, please delete and I will proceed to Ebay or something .

So here they are- the things in my BR collection-

BR Campaign Setting w/everything. The box is a little worn, but everything inside is tip-top.

Cities of the Sun, Rjurik Highlands, Havens of the Great Bay- Excellent condition with everything.

Tribes of the Heartless Wastes- Mint condition.

Book of Magecraft, Book of Priestcraft, Legends of the Hero Kings, and Blood Enemies- Excellent condition.

Sword of Roele, Warlock of the Stonecrowns, Sword and Crown adventures- Great shape.

All that plus the following domain books-

Stjordvik, Halskapa, Roesone, Tuornen, Medoere, Ilien, Khourane, Binsada, Ariya, Endier (still in shrinkwrap), Talinie.

Plus the follwing BR novels- The Iron Throne, Greatheart, The Hag's Contract, and The Spider's Test.

It's going to take at least 100 bucks American to get me to part with this stuff (plus shipping). I though I'd offer it to you guys instead of auctioning it, so it could go to some hardcore fans. And it's gotta be all or nothing, so no asking for individual books.

Again, if this is a violation of the board rules, I'll just head over to EBay.

Send an e-mail to libra_sword@yahoo.com if anyone's interested.