During to endless debate rotating around the topic of Alignment, I think
that a major point being left out is the problem involving the divine
transfer of power.

What god would truly support one regent stripping another for his powers.
IMO it is a very BAD (I like that word) to invest yourself as the regent of
a province that is not really yours.

Let me give you an example. Our dear Prince of Avanil has just occupied a
province i southern Tuornen. They had not been to cooperative lately, and
beeing weak from the resent fighting with Alamie he thought it appropriate
to teach them a lesson. What happens next is that some slimy priset from the
Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn comes along and invests mr. Avan as the
new regent. As I see it, this it not a particullary righteous thing to do.
But if this is true then no true regent in Birthright would be Lawful.