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The UN idea is a viable option, although its chances of actually coming
together is slim at best. To survive the onslaught of the Gorgon would be a
very solid motivation, methinks.

The foundation of the Second Empire? Hmmm...sounds good to me.

Lord Buffer? That is funny! Good one. Yes, I see Mhoried as being the primary
buffer state in Anuire. I have sympathy for them, because I think the Gorgon
sees that as well.

Yes, I agree about the chaotic alignment. I normally do not use them, as I
find them extremely difficult to work with on the pc and npc level. Na ja. The
INT check is vaiable as well.

I appreciate your response. Thanks.


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On Sun, 18 Oct 1998 wrote:

> Greetings
> I have a BR question for the members of the list here. Perhaps this will
> enlighten me.
> Some time ago, I was the gm for a BR campaign, a mixture of the rpg/wargame
> thing, even to the extent of using miniatures to fight the battles. It was
> intense campaign, as there were serious gamers involved. There were seven
> players, and they were centered in the Anuire region. They were all regents
> (yes, it was an involved, time-consuming campaign).
> The states that were pc ruled were the following: Brosengae, Endier,
> Roesone, Taeghas, Talinie, and Tuornen. They had all the proper supplies to
> work as regents, including the appropriate supplements and gm-supplied info.
> There was one general session with everyone, and two individual (re:
> sessions as well. Then we started.
> Anyway, as the game progressed, one player did something out of the ordinary
> (at least in my experience). He realized that the state of Mhoried was in
> serious trouble from attack by the Gorgon's forces AND "allies." In this
> situation, Mhoried was turning out to be crucial, as Ghoere was busy with
> Roesone, and Elinie was being threatened by the southern states that
> it. Mhoried was standing alone as a buffer against an invasion force the
> player was sure that would come.
> So the player made a proposal to all the other regents of Anuire (after
> checking with Mhoried's ruler first, and receiving approval). He arranged a
> diplomatic conference to happen in Mhoried, and invited all the regents (or
> their duly chosen representatives) to come to Mhoried and see the situation
> it stood then, and realize the danger Anuire was in. He foresaw that if
> Mhoried fell, and with Ghoere going after Roesone as it was, that an
> force could reach Endier even! Note that the player was the ruler of
> His plan was that if the other regents could see the possible, and IHO,
> danger, that they would be more willing to help one another, and
> Mhoried. The assistance could be in trade, money, or troops (they would be
> under Mhoried's command).
> After MUCH time and effort, the ruler of Tuornen managed to convince most of
> the other regents that he was right. So they supported the conference and
> declared that there would be multi-state assitance given to Mhoried, In
> for Mhoried's pledge to stoutl;y defend its sovereign area with this aid
> (which Mhoried did, of course, as they wanted to survive). This did work for
> some time, as the player was right, an invasion was planned and did occur.
> Unfortunately for them, it was a two-sided, not one, attack.
> Anyway, the players of this scenario were talking with me about this
> particular part of the campaign some weeks ago. Several questioned my
> allowance of the "United Nations" (their words) to happen, especially given
> the cg alignment of the Mhoried state. (The alignment thing pops up again,
> sorry).
> I ruled that way because I saw the people and rulers of Mhoried as an
> independent-minded people who, although proud, were not stupid. They were
> hard-pressed, outnumbered, and essentially alone. They needed the aid
> desperately, and I saw them accepting it reluctantly, but still going with
> The question is as follows: would Mhoried actually have accepted such aid,
> would they honored it? Finally, would the majority of other states (the npc
> ones) have done this "UN" thing as well?
> I am thinking I did alright in this, with some problems, but nothing major.
> the seven players, three agree with me, one is unconcerned, and the other
> three disagree. I have decided to ask the members of the list and see what
> they have to say. If anyone has an opinion they wish to voice.
> Til Later and enjoy what you can.
> Shadewulf.
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Well, I think the idea of this United Nations is sensible. Mhoried would
be more than thankful given a chance to survive the onslought of the

The United Nations idea is not as stupid either. Many of the 'minor' lands
like Endier and Medoere, should see a way to make themselves seen without
flashing out with enourmous troops.
And who knows. It might be the foundation of the Second Empire (sorry, had

In my first campaign the buffer ability of Mhoried was recognized
emmediatly, and hence the Mhor was called Lord Buffer (when he wasn't
listening, of course).

I do not think that you should let an chaotic alignment make the Mhor an
automatic dealbreaker. If the deal serves him well, then he will stick to
it (there is an INT stat for seeing if he does stupis things).

Oyvind Gronnesby
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