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Thanks for the tip there Darren! Hopefully I got it now. I feel like I am in school again.

An email Nazi? Wow. Ok, not my intent. Your input is appreciated.

I realize you are not the law around here, as if there is. j/k Yes, I
asked and you answered. Works pretty well IMO.


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> and I do not even know how to copy/paste or whatever it is called, and I am
most definitely not going to type his whole email.!

Just hit the reply to button (re:mail in Netscape) - it should copy the
entire message you have currently selected, right down to the email
listed on the message!

> First off, thanks for all that you wrote. I appreciate your input. And as
far as I am concerned, you are not a target. at all. Not for expressing
yourself. Apparently I misunderstood you (if you were the one). If so, my
apologies. That was not my intent.<

Your welcome! Thanks, but you don't have to be SO apologetic! :)

> As a side note, wondering if my pc is being weird, I have not gotten 20 or
so posts a day. Hmmm....I will have to watch that.<

That was just a guess - though I *know* it was more than 10, from Tim
alone, a couple of days ago.

> I can see what you mean by data to back up comments, although I think
> that even data is interpretive, if you see my meaning.<

Yep. But we all understand (I hope) that we can only express our
opinions, which are entirely subjective. This is one of the main
reasons why I saw this alignment debate as going no where fast,
especially when people weren't debating but simply arguing.

> The alignment topic is relevant still, I think, since alignment is such an
important thing in the game, BR included. Generic alignment debates do have
merit, but I see that providing examples would be more conducive to the

Yes, I agree. But as long as the thread eventually comes around to
being relevant to our Birthright games, however one argues that.

> I do not know why, perhaps my rookie status is making me oblivious to the
obvious. I like to share as well, and I am very interested in hearing others
opinions. Really. Now, for misunderstanding you. I am sorry. I have found the e-mail
discussuions have me at a loss at times because it is easy to
misunderstand a person's words. I will try to become more skilled at
this, although I suspect it will take me time! ;o)<

Gah, your making me feel like I'm a email Nazi! :) Hey, I learned the
hard way too - after a couple of posts shooting my mouth off, I
smartened up (with helpful suggestions from my fellow listers). So
you'll get there (fairly quickly, I should think, with this list).

> I will keep in mind what you have said. Keep the discussion pertinent,
> current, on the debate level if that is applicable, and sound. Is that a
good summary? ;o)<

Perfect. But don't take my word for it. I'm not the law around here,
so you can actually do whatever you want. But you asked, so I gave you
my opinion! :)


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