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First off, thanks for responding.

The Mhor as you describe him is basically as I see him.

Ghoere is indeed a schemer, IMO. He did do that. or try to. Boeruine and
Avanil also tried their thing, but they wound up negating each other more or
less, which worked to Mhoried's advantage in this case. The elves and dwarves
stayed out of the whole thing, except for minor assistance brought about by
Tuornen (elves) and Medoere (dwarves). The minor assitance turned out to be
crucial, though, so that went well. Osoerde at that time was in the civil war
stage and could not do much at all. Medoere and Ilien were involved, and
Endier was very helpful (the regent correctly foresaw some things, and
realized the danger that would put Endier in).

I can see the Elinie situation as you put it. My take on El;inie is that it's
in a lousy spot and always has problems, usually external, but sometimes
internal. Diemed was at war, and so was Thurazor. Alamie was busy with

Aerenwe is primarily isolationist, although they wound up aiding with their
magic at times. Roesone was building up for war with Ghoere, although they did
send some troops.

I have never played in a BR PBeM game. Somehow that is frightening.

Til Later and enjoy what you can.


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> The question is as follows: would Mhoried actually have accepted such aid,
> would they honored it? Finally, would the majority of other states (the npc
> ones) have done this "UN" thing as well?

Well, it depends.... The Mhor is an independant guy, whose primary motivation
seems to be the freedom of his people. I think he would have accepted the
you described because it would not have done much to lessen the freedom of his
people, he is smart enough to recognize that an invastion by the Gorgon would
be a
much more serious threat to freedom than the loose alliance presented.

As for the other states.... I suppose that would depend on each individual
nation. I can see most of the good aligned states doing it. Ghoere probably
would in order to gain the kind of forum for himself that he doesn't seem to
when on the stage with Boeruine and Avan. He'd also probably be a huge pain
the ass, which would be a fun role-playing situation.... Having either
or Avan in the UN would probably also cause a lot of problems for similar
reasons. They would assume that they could dominate the situation and that
bug the less powerful nations. Plus, they'd probably turn any situation into
tug of war between the two of them, which would bog down any activities of the
organization. States allied to either of these guys would follow the lead of
their liege.

Tuarhieval might get involved, but I'm inclined to think they would rather
Dhoesone be in the UN and speak through them. Sielwode and Baruk Azhik would
out. Osoerde would probably get involved if Raenech (SP?) thought it would
his government legitamacy over the upstart William Moergan, but would prefer
stay out. Medoere, Ilien and Endier would probably be happy to be involved,
because such an organization would seem to favor the little guy.

I've always assumed that the reason Elinie is not more active in Anuire is
the Patriarch is old and conservative. His children might push for
however, so he might sign up just so they can have something to do. Diemed
get involved if for no other reason than to counter Medoere. Tuornen and
for the same reasons. Thurazor might want to sign up and everyone would go
man. What were we thinking? Now we have to spend time dealing with those

I've always played that Aerenwe is even more independant than Mhoried, so even
they did get involved they would probably back out at the least sign that they
would lose some of their autonomy. Roesone would be a hawk in the UN, usually
wanting to solve problems with military force.

It's probably important to note that unlike my pen & paper game (in which none
the characters are landed regents) whenever I've gotten into a PBeM, the
all seem to scramble after alliances immediately. Getting the whole map to
to anything would be nearly impossible, as the players have broken themselves
into large blocks of political groups. Forming a UN under such circumstances
would be difficult indeed.


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