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I like the write up of the Serpent in this way. With your permission, I would
like to use it in my BR campaign. Thanks in advance if you have no problem
with this.

I can see Gary's point on this. If put on a power basis, this may work. I
think you are right, Alexander, in that the Serpent is a fine candidate for
divine status. The reasoning is sound. I do not agree with your assessment of
the Gorgon, however. His current ambition is to be emperor, but one can make a
case for more than that, methinks, because of his sheer longevity (incredible
that) and that he seems to have developed patience along with long term
strategy. Perhaps I am reading too much into this, though. That is partly how
I see the Gorgon.

The Magian is another case also. A truly potent individual he is, with not
much documented about him. My outlook on him is a truly ambitious man who
plans and schemes to get what he wants, by whatever means necessary. Add in
the fact he seems to be willing to wait for his goals to be achieved, and the
fact that he can move "slowly," makes the Magian a true force to be reckoned
with. Again, I could be overdoing it here.

Still, in light of your comments, I am thinking that the Serpent is indeed
more than willing to go the deity route. Go figure. :o)


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Gary V. Foss wrote:
> I don't know that I like the idea of the Serpent becoming a demi-god. I
> the Gorgon seems like the most likely candidate for ascenscion on Cerili=
> Serpent might be a close second, but I don't know that the Magian or the
> are really that far behind the Serpent when it comes to power....
> Gary

=09I listed the Serpent as a demigod in my stats for the Powers of
Darkness only because he can grant up to 5th-level spells already. As I
was explaining to a friend of mine yesterday, the Serpent has several
thousand devout worshipers, believes himself to be the heir of Azrai,
can and does grant spells to his priests (the priesthood being the more
important part of my message), and has been on the path to godhood for
1,500+ years.
=09The Gorgon does not care about becoming a god; he wants to be Emperor.
Likewise, the Raven just wants to become the next Tsarevic of Vosgaard.
The same goes for the Magian, the Sphinx, the White Witch, and most all
of the Abominations (except maybe the Spider, and we all know of his
mental state=85).

Alexander "the Rjurik Necromancer"
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