Okay, I've completed my design of my new Fantasy Fuzion Mass Combat System for
my Birthright campaign.

Since I designed for Fantasy Fuzion, not AD&D, I will not post the whole thing
here (it'd suck up 37k of your mail space, and that's not including the 107+k
of war card conversions).

However, I don't think it would be hard to use it instead of the War Card
system for your AD&D Birthright games. Why would you want to? Because this
system is totally scalable, allowing you to make units from a size of one to a
size of 4000+ (actually unlimited), giving you the option to make more
customized units. Examples might be massed infantry and archer units, single
character units such as dragons or awnshegh, etc.

Another reason is because using the calculations I have devised for War Card
conversions gives you sensible, small numbers of individuals comprising these
Birthright units. Now you can justify the miniscule costs Birthright gives
for mustering and maintaining units. Thus it improves believeability in your
Birthright game. Example: Units of various types of infantry or elite
infantry come out to be comprised of 50-75 individuals as opposed to the 200
suggested by AD&D Birthright.

All comments are very welcome. You can find the rules page by following the
links at:


Dustin Evermore