Well, friends, sorry if the quantity of my messages has overloaded the boxes. I
get limited time to access the email, and tend to cram as much in as possible.
I was fairly surprised to find as many posts made as I had, but my recent email
DLs have numbered 190+, and responding to it all to catch up sometimes floods
the available venue.

It's pretty obvious that, no matter how much I desire others to see my version
of the truth, I'm not going to change any minds. It hsould be obvious to all
that have waded through my lengthy posts that I feel very strongly about
personal honor, dignity, morality, and the existence of immutable good and
evil. My own views, then, on what constitute evil acts are well catalogued and
do not bear repeating. I do not apologize for these views, and while I respect
that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, to me these are unassailable
and any significant difference (such as situational ethics) is wrong. I tried
to format my answers and challenges in an acceptable forum, but have obviously
not done so well enough.

What I do apologize for is not taking this to private email sooner.

Game on.
Tim Nutting