***Grimwell appears out of lurking mode in a flash of smoky light**

OK, the way I see it, this debate has filled it's purpose. It has made
everyone who reads the messages take a harder look at morality
not just through the eyes of Birthright and the GS, but through our
own rose colored glasses as well.

I think that the quality of the posts has been fine. I think the level
of debate has been fine too. I have been on other public ADND
forums and this debate has been far from the worst I have ever

In fact, I do feel that this indeed is a public forum, that cannot
be controlled by one voice, but it can be controlled by a number
of voices expressing their ideas and opinions.

Stating that, let me toss out one of mine:

If I open my inbox tomorrow and find another 20+ posts on alignment
in general and the GS in token, I'm going to throw my already damaged
monitor across the room. :) I'm personally tired of it. When my mail
program loads the "new" letters I am already hanging over the delete
key as I just don't care enough to read this anymore. The subject matter
has gone beyond the scope of just Birthright, and into the realms of
general gaming principles.

For me, this is all a game. I'm a husband and a father in his late 20's
who gets about one hour a day to focus on my gaming activities. I'd
prefer not to have to spend some of it deleting lots of GS and Alignment
notes. I don't care if it's evil or good, or who's eyes one must look
to decide that fact. These are intangibles. They cannot be pinned down for
one and all.

I DO care that the GS exists, as it is a part of why I loved BR from the
I first discussed it on AOL's message boards (before the initial release).
elves are mean mutha's and they aren't the kind you find in the realms. They
have attitude. I don't think they would ever pack up and go to some island.
just not their style. I love the GS and BR. They are the cream of TSR. Even
another product is never released for the line.

I told my wife when I started buying BR that it would not last, as most
wouldn't get the point from the marketing campaign. I also told her that was
fine as I could take the books that did come out and make the world mine
mine!! :)

I'm about as excited about BR as one can get; but I don't care about the
evil of the GS. It's a plot function for me, and one I like, regardless of
morality behind it.

All the above can translate to this if you like to skim: I vote for an end
to the
public part of this discussion. Lets talk about something else. Anything
What kinda cattle does Lord Hestean of Ilien raise?? :)

DISCLAIMER: You don't have to like my opinion, or follow through on any
implied dictate therein. Post all you want on the GS, I just wish you would
change the subjects up and share more of the good ideas I have seen on
this list all along.