This is in response to's missive. Sorry, but I am a
rookie with the 'puter, and I do not even know how to copy/paste or whatever
it is called, and I am most definitely not going to type his whole email.!

First off, thanks for all that you wrote. I appreciate your input. And as far
as I am concerned, you are not a target. at all. Not for expressing yourself.
Apparently I misunderstood you (if you were the one). If so, my apologies.
That was not my intent.

Your comment about reaching an agreed upon conclusion is apt. Good point. Why
you spoke up is reasonable. As a side note, wondering if my pc is being
weird, I have not gotten 20 or so posts a day. Hmmm....I will have to watch
that. I can see what you mean by data to back up comments, although I think
that even data is interpretive, if you see my meaning. Humor can be good, I

The alignment topic is relevant still, I think, since alignment is such an
important thing in the game, BR included. Generic alignment debates do have
merit, but I see that providing examples would be more conducive to the
Yes, that is a debate indeed. Another point.

I l;ike your comment about procedure in the BR topic list. Unfortunately, I do
not see that occuring on a regular basis, specifically because this is a
discussion on an interrupted basis. I will try to go with it, though, as best
as am able to.

As for the wishing more people would join in the discussions comment. Again, I
agree. This should be happening, but it is not. I do not know why, perhaps my
rookie status is making me oblivious to the obvious. I like to share as well,
and I am very interested in hearing others opinions. Really.

Now, for misunderstanding you. I am sorry. I have found the e-mail
discussuions have me at a loss at times because it is easy to misunderstand a
person's words. I will try to become more skilled at this, although I suspect
it will take me time! ;o)

Answering me on the list is fine, and a good way to do this, IMO. We can all
learn from this.

I am notoriously dense, and thick as well. Well, so everyone tells me.

A well written, clear, and to the point e-mail Darren? Now I am confused. Na
ja. Darren it must be. I am slow apparently.

I will keep in mind what you have said. Keep the discussion pertinent,
current, on the debate level if that is applicable, and sound. Is that a good
summary? ;o)

Til Later and enjoy what you can.