Am I alone, or did the rest of you feel let down by the war cards? What am I
supposed to do with eight units of Grabentod Raiders if the likelyhood of war
with Grabentod is nil? Meanwhile, plain Brecht infantry units were: TWO!
Plain Brecht Archers: TWO! Marines, a new unit: ZERO! Plain Brecht
knights: ZERO! Special card types: THIRTY SIX! Is it just me, or was this
the completely wrong way to assign the warcards from the box? Special units
are nice, but if the realm never gets involved in a campaign (a very real
possibility depending on the realm and the campaign), they aren't very useful.
My PCs in Dhoesone might eventually run into mercenary reavers or generic
Brecht units, but logic dictates they won't be fighting the eight units of
Grabentod Raiders any time soon.
Further, why are the elves of Coubhallie (sp?) the only elven nation to create
pikes and scouts? There aren't even decent warcards for them--they are pure
special units.
And why is Brecht Elite Infantry listed as needing only a level 1 province or
holding to be raised? With the exception of muster and maintence costs,
they're as easy to raise as normal infantry