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    Tim Nutting

    My Last Word on the GS.

    > Most of the arguments I've heard defending the GS, seem to be just obscuring
    > core issue. That is, that the GS kill non-combatants. Oh, there is some
    > for their situation, but I've argued that sympathy, history,
    > culture, etc. do not add up to enough to change the GS's alignment (which is
    > loosely defined concept in the first place) from evil to neutral, or even
    good as
    > has been argued by several people. These arguments, in fact, all seem to be
    > variations upon the fallacious idea that evil in the face of evil is not
    > Every debate has a rhythm. In the rhythm of this debate, that fallacy
    appears to
    > be the bass drum....

    I will agree with you for the most part, and especially about the bass drum
    (hehehe), however, I still refuse to accept that every member of the Ghallie
    Sidhe can be easily classfied and codified, and that every last one fits the
    mold. They are Chaotic Neutral after all. Perhaps we are meant to be
    confused, especially when CN is the best alignment for madmen and insane
    people, according to the PHB. :) In almost every location of the planet where
    the Ghallie Sidhe exists, they have many more enemeis that are NOT human, or
    are easily classified as working for greedy, selfish, evil governments. Look
    at the map of Cerilia and look for all those realms, then look at their

    > As such, I'm happy to let the debate rest where it is. If someone wants to
    play in
    > their campaign that elves participating in the Ghealie Sidhe can still have a
    > neutral or good alignment, then I say go with it. I don't really see the
    > of the game/setting as having created it that way, but so what? This is a
    game, so
    > it's cool. If this were a Public Policy Message Board, or the floor of the
    > of Representatives, I'd be much less likely to let it go, but since the only
    > casualties are paper peasants and fantasy faeries, I'm content to leave it at
    > that. I don't really subscribe to the argument that little things inevitably
    > to big things, so I'm pretty confident that no one reading this debate will
    go kill
    > real life farmers and blame it on a message they read around here....
    > Take it easy, folks.

    Sure thing! Been a great debate!

    Tim Nutting

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    My Last Word on the GS.

    Gary V. Foss wrote:
    > Take it easy, folks. <

    I have watched, with considerable interest, your comments, as well as Tim
    Nutting's and several others whose names escape me right now (sorry about that
    all). In the main, I happen to disagree with you, and some with Tim (ahhh... I
    remember another now, Daniel McSorley - I hope the spelling is correct, if it
    is not, sorry), and rarely with Daniel. All of you, however, have valid views
    that I appreciate you sharing with us. I find them insightful, and even
    tutorial at times. So, thanks for telling us your views. This actually applies
    to everyone on the BR list, but i only have seen some names, so I am not
    omitting the rest of you by intent.

    Now, Gary's comment about taking it easy. I like that one. Well done.

    Til Later and enjoy what you can.


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