If I understand you correctly, you won't be able to. Grevesmuhl and the
Zweilund Islands are two separate realms. Holdigns from one won't show up in
the other's realm display. If you want to see all of Colin Shaefpate's
sources (regardless of what realm they are in), open up his regent display
window and click the holdings tab or create a domain that consists of his
source holdings and you can then view that domain with the Display Domain
command (File menu). Does this help?

And it's no bother - please keep the probs/suggestions/etc coming - this is
the only way I will learn :)

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> Sorry to bother you so much. I have another question.
> Ii've put in all of Grevesmuhl's holdings--including the sources owned by
> Colin Shaefpaete (ruler of The Zweilund Islands). Then, I entered all the
> info for the Zweilunds and can't get the Grevesmuhl sources to show up on
> the Zweilund Islands realm chart.
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