Hi everyone,

Just a short note to let you all know about some of the updates which have
been added to the Online City Project (OCP). All of these are in final form,
and should be considered completed projects.

If anyone is unaware of this project, the basic aim of it is to detail the
Imperial City (IC) of Anuire (think of it as a free "supplement" covering
the City). All material is free for anyone to use, and anyone is free to
join the project and submit some of their material. Submissions are passed
to the list of members for comment before being finalised (this is one of
the unique aspects of this project - ideas do not come from one person; they
are intermingled from many other ideas and will, in turn, spawn new ideas).
There are several reasons for this, and the major one is to ensure that
everything holds true to the Birthright traditions and the setting we all
love so much :-)

Here are some of the latest finalised submissions which have been added to
the Homepage (see my signature for the URL - note also that the link on
Darkstar's netbook site will *always* point to the current location of the
OCP homepage).

* Morbana Family Guild
a description of one of the smaller guilds of the city (remember that small
doesn't necessarily mean without influence ;-) )

* Sign of the Prodigal Burning Lantern Missionary
a look at one of the orphanages in the city

* Island Names & Very Brief descriptions
more descriptive work is needed here

* The Imperial Guard
description of the Imperial Guard organisation, duties, powers, etc within
the IC

* A list of all of the important projects in each of the areas that need to
be worked on is also available at the following URL:
This list can be used to give you ideas on what is needed. It also covers
what we believe are the projects that this project would be incomplete
without. So check out the list, and contact the relevant people to get
started. Like I said before, it takes as little or as much time as you have

As a final note, we have decided to open the project up to make it more
accessible and easier for people to get involved and help out. It doesn't
have to mean a lot of work on your part, though some people obviously have
more time on their hands than others.

What we are going to do is allow/encourage people to submit their own ideas
(projects) directly to the OCP mailing list (see the homepage for details on
how to sign up for the Online City Project Mailing List), rather than
through their group. Hopefully this will speed things up a bit, and allow
people to work at their own pace. Note that the usual procedure is that
ideas will be commented on by other list members, and then the submission is
reworked and resubmitted. Once a general agreement is reached, the project
is put up on the web page. All contributors are acknowledged.

Also, if there are any graphic artists out there who would be interested in
providing pictures/drawings (especially maps, and "artist's impressions" of
some of the grander sights), please contact me.

Thanks everyone, and remember that your support of projects such as this
will go a long way towards helping to get Birthright re-released. Cheers,


Simon Graindorge
Coordinator, Birthright Online City Project

E-mail: slg@nw.com.au
ICQ: 9222846
Online City Project Homepage: