>I've heard this, but not much more than you appear to know. As a huge
>Tolkien fan, I would love to see a decent movie version.
Ok...I think this would be great...how about Sean Connery as Gandalf...
:-) another opportunity for Sean Connery to play himself? :-) unfortunately, I
can see him playing that part rather well.
On plot lines worthy of movies, the BR world has much potential (without
looking like a fantasy version of Highlander). Can you see Brian Blessed as
Archduke(?) Boeruine (the current one), Brent Spinner as Prince Fhaielle(sp?)
of Taurhievel? Given current favourites, I could see Leonardo Dicaprio(sp?)
getting young Michael Reole for that story.
I frequently keep particular roles that some actors have done in mind when
describing the attitudes of some major NPC's to the players, but I'll avoid
going on here, but I would like to see whom others on the list would use.

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