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    Tod Hurlbert


    > Ok...I think this would be about Sean Connery as Gandalf...
    Mr. Connery would be great. Thiugh from what I've read, the director is
    really trying
    to quash any rumors regarding casting. Besides, I think he'd want too much

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    >>On a completely non-BR related note, has anyone seen that one of the movie
    >>studios is supposed to be starting on a Lord of the Rings trilogy? The
    >>article I read said the 3 films are supposed to be filmed concurrently,
    >>they will have a decent budget (something like $130 million). Oooh, I
    >>would LOVE to see Gandalf and the Balrog duke it out with Jurassic
    >>Park-like quality.
    >I've heard this, but not much more than you appear to know. As a huge
    >Tolkien fan, I would love to see a decent movie version.
    Ok...I think this would be about Sean Connery as Gandalf...

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