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Thread: The Return!

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    The Return!

    I'd like to see a book covering all domains. Each country would get a small
    map to show the names of the provinces.
    I'd also like to see extra warcards, seperately available from the box.
    Heck, I'd just like to see Havens of the Great Bay rereleased (I never got it)
    and whatever Vosgaard was supposed to be.

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    The Return!

    On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Jonathan Ingram wrote:

    > At 10:19 PM 10/13/98 -0700, someone wrote:
    > >Tommy Ashton II wrote:
    > >> Now if they would only get smart, chain Mr. Stark and Rich Baker to a
    > table and let the magic commence again. I think realm spell warding might
    > work, with the clause they can be released after 20 Birthright products a
    > year is produced. >
    > >Now, please, lets all be reasonable folks. I think a mere 18/year would
    > >suffice. That's only 9 for each of them!
    > Enthusiasm and desperate love-based product greed aside, I would be glad to
    > see one new domain sourcebook, one game supplement, and one or two
    > adventures per year would whet my appetite, plus three or four Dungeon and
    > Dragon articles per year.
    It was just a joke. I would really only like about 5-6 products a year for
    financial reasons. Mr. Stark and TSR should first release the new hardcover.
    Then complete the series of Book of's or incorporate them into a hardcover DM
    and hardcover player books instead of the one hardcover. These could be the
    core books. Redo the Region books in a format similar to Vosgaard's
    sourcebook but with a little more info for each domain (3-4 pages). Drop the
    boxes, most of the color goodies, etc. Bottom line. If your going to
    lose money at least lose money printing so much information that we can't
    absorb it all. I buy everything with a Birthright label, but some of my
    players only want to play in the Khinsai (usually ex-Al-Qadam (sp?)
    players), the Haven's (those who want to play pirates), Vosgarrd (the
    Conan followers), etc. Maybe this way domain sourcebooks would not be needed.
    If you do print sourcebooks, limit the number and make them fairly interesting
    realms Grabentod, Aftane, Danigau, Diemed. You might get around
    this by letting Mr. Stark do a series of articles in Dragon detailing realms
    in the travels of Arion Dosiere as he sends back his letters to his uncle. I
    thought about doing this on my webpage, writing up one of the less documented
    areas each month. Hire Darkstar to work on the Adura sourcebook. Keep Tony's
    covers. Stress the Dragon articles and Dungeon articles. A small write up on
    Grabentod might bring in some of the old savage coast players. A writeup of
    some of the Khinasi domains might promote some old AL-Dadam players, etc....
    Somebody mentioned publishing awnsheigh in the monstrous it! I
    bought the annual with the Cerilian Goblin, Dragon, etc... just because it had
    Birthright. The Gorgon (though he really needs his own sourcebook), the
    Hag, The Serpent, the Raven, show the non-disciples the big guns. Let them
    think Iuz the wimp. Then crank out good adventures like the King of the
    Giantdowns (that exact formula) and watch the masses falter in.
    My thoughts: Set the core of the line down (mostly done already)
    within a year or two (core books, book of's, region sets), year three to
    six have this set: a few domain or small region expansion modules a year
    (2-3), sourcebooks (Gorgon's crown, etc.) (2), and adventures between
    published works (KotG) or Dragon (2 pub, 3-4 Dragon). Year Seven have modules
    setting up and running a second Deismarr (players, think MASSIVE BATTLES, and
    the importance of being in the BIG ONE, maybe your players became Demigods
    out of this) Year Nine and Ten: Start over.
    Thanks for letting me rant but I haven't stated my ideas yet.


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