The point I was trying to make was that the description of the GS actions
as a "last
effort at survival" is incorrect. Last ditch efforts don't generally go on
for millennia,
even elven ones. Even the description of the GS as "the Hunt of the Elves"
defies the
concept that it is a defensive effort. It even makes it a different effort
reclaiming lands from humans. The GS is just about killing humans because
they hate
them. Reclaiming the lands of dead settlers is a nice ancillary bonus, but
secondary to
the GS's desire to kill all humans.

Well I can see how you are looking at the actions. It would appear you may
be correct, in that light. However, I think this issue is relative many
things. I guess one way to look at it, would be as racial enemies.

In the game I was referring to in my previous post. It took me like 21
domain turns to just get the nerve to send an email to my nearest human
border. Then low and behold 7 domain turns later a human came asking for
help, and offering a great deal of land in the process. In this case,
Isaelie of the Sielwode took the offer. I helped him in a minor war..for
the land in question? Guess what happened? He was fighting three
nations...which suddenly expanded into an entire continent...and then the
human ran away.....(hiding out) and guess who got left with the war and the
misery...the elves.

Well in this one case anyway...the elves felt betrayed (again) by the
humans, and we had to fight not the original 3 domains..but upwards of 10
domains....needlessly to say....the GS was reborn.....we lost all of the
lands...and maintained a few sources..but we lost the war.....with ot
without the GS we still would have lost...but with it...the cost to the
Humans was greater.

I depict the elves in BR as up against a wall. Many of you say, but it's
been thousands of years...well...yes it has..and the situation has changed
little. I have yet to see a re-birth of an elven kingdom...in dozens of
BR-pbems....not even one. The GS yes is racial..and it is also for
survival...in the wars I took part in....we came to a conclusion...we could
not hold the land..and all humans were betraying us.....(even one we had
geased....betrayed us...--died as a result--)...but the motto..of retreat
and leave nothing for the enemy gave the elven forces hope. In three
ways...1). it resupplied or meager war efforts., and 2). It gave our
enemies little joy in reclaiming a barren land devoid of inhabitants. and
3). This made the humans think strongly before jumping on the lets war with
the elves bandwagon....(also made those that did have more resolve).

The GS is dangerous...but at 4 GB for a unit....and humans can muster
irregulars at 1 GB per unit....and all of the other factors combined...the
elves...are in a tight situation..and being nice..will lose them any war
they get involved in.

Just my humble 2 cents.


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