Hello there,

Here is an ancient elven realm spell, nearly forgotten by them, that has
just been rediscovered, thanks to a group of elven adventurers in the
Sielwode. In effect, if is some sort of permanent gate, permitting to
link 2 provinces. These came into being shortly after Diesmar, but
unfortunately, only an handfull of people had its secret. With the
invading human's influence, this has accounted for the disparition, and
disactivation of the once rare gates. Mayhaps, we will see some new ones
being created again. Only time will tell...


Traveling gate

This useful realm spell permits to link 2 far away provinces, allowing
nearly instantaneous travel between them. Distance is irrelevant, as
long as the linking gates exist. People and small caravans (that permits
1 trade route) can freely use the gate to be transported from point A to
point B. However, in the case of armies, the TRANSPORTATION realm spell
is needed (see note below). The principle is somewhat simple, but it
needs many components to its realization.

First, in each province to be linked, a source must be controlled by the
caster, and in one of them, at least a level 5 must be present. Second,
after having secured those sources, a leyline must be created, for it
will be the only thing that will assure the transportation.

Lastly, at any time before the casting of the spell, a 10GB physical
construction is needed to concentrate the magical energies permitting
the gate to manifest. It can have nearly any form but usually requires 2
columns covered with runes (for examples : obelisks, dolmens, pyramids,
trees, etc., just use your imagination). The cost includes the magical
preparations to be made, the carving of the runes, the materials
(stones, granite or whatever you fancy) and the time to do it. Between
those, a space of no more than 15 feet is to be considered, so that the
gate appears in-between. Remark that one such gate will be needed at the
starting province and another at the end of the gate.

Once all of those steps have been made, the magi can cast the spell.
However the price is high enough. For each provinces crossed, two GB and
two RP are to be paid. So, if the targeted province is 3 provinces away,
6 GBs and 6 RPs must be spend, in addition of the leyline and the
physical constructions.

Concerning the TRANSPORTATION realm spell, the already existing link
permits an enhance transportation. So, anytime that spell is cast, in
conjonction with an existing gate, the cost is reduced by 1 GB and 1 RP,
to a minimum of 1GB, RP.

If the optionnal leyline powerdown is in use, this render the gate
unoperationnal. When the leyline powerup, it will reactivate.

But maintaining such a gate requires a constant expenditure of 1RP per
season. If, at any time, it isn’t paid, the spell will collapse. Then,
the spell will have to be recast again.

In resume:

Source required: 5
GB cost: a leyline, 2x 10gb structure and 2gb per provinces crossed
RP cost: a leyline and 2rp per province crossed. A 1RP maintenance per
saison is required.
Duration: Permanent as long the maintenance is paid.
Maintenance: 1RP per season, in addtion of the ley line.