The GS is not a "last effort at survival" at all. It NEVER was. It wasn't
when it was first began, it still isn't centuries later when it continues.
There are thousands and thousands of elves in Cerilia. Do you honestly
elves are that less secure in their lands than humans are? Portraying the
as good aligned NPCs who are defending their homeland against the vile
depredation of humans is a gross misinterpretation of both the elves and
humans. "Last efforts at survival" don't last over a thousand years, even
the elven perspective.

I tend to disagree here. I have been playing in BR-PBEM's since 1995 when
the system was introduced, and in every game I have been in if a elven
domain attempts to expand, the human domains in the area rise up as a
united force to stop the elven domains. I played the Sielwode for 29
domain turns, and have watched others as well. I simply do beleive that
the elves have little recourse....they are few in number, and when they do
expand, humans unite to repel them.something they would not do to such a
great extent if the foes were human.


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