Does anyone have reasonable quality scans of any images from Ruins of Empire, The Atlas of Cerilia, the PS of Medoere, Ilien, and Roesone, or even from the BoM, BoP, BE books. I need them to insert into various sections of the d20 Atlas of Cerilia and am hoping to save myself some scanning.

Images I'm really looking for at the moment are the image of the Spider from pg. 96 of BE (plus other images from pg 97-99 if possible), the image on pg. 68 of the BOM, pg. 7 & 8 of the Atlas of Cerilia, pg. 80 from BoP, pgs 7, 14, 21, 57, and 60 from Sword and Crown, and of course, all the images from Ruins of Empire and PS of Ilien, Medoere, and Roesone book.

If anyone has good quality scans of these images, can you let me know as soon as possible at (by monday night if possible).