I think we are arguing lost causes on each side. The question here is,
"What/Who is the Ghallie Sidhe?"

Is the GS the KKK? Or is the GS the IRA? Perhaps the GS is the PLO? Maybe
they are the ALF? Perhaps they are the CIA? One side here sees the GS as
being a vile extension of the same views and beleifs that have become the KKK,
while another sees them as perhaps something more like the next two mentioned.

It would be important, then, for us to define just what the GS is in our given
campaigns when we make broad based statements about whether it is evil or good,
lawful or chaotic. It would also beoove the debaters to understand that it is
as misguided and immature to stereotype an organization as it is to stereotype
a human sub-race in the real world.

In my game, the GS exists a seperate entities in each elven realm. Because an
organization tends to follow the attitudes of its leaders, so too do each of
these "chapters" represent their leaders. It is important to understand that I
follow the information from the PS book of Tuarhievel concerning the origins of
the GS. They were founded by Tuar herself, the creator of the Thorn Throne of
Tuarhievel, to draw the final line, to say "you may not enter here" to the
advancing humans who they were presently at war with. Years later a wandering
elf whose military skills were amazing, named Rhuobe, entered Tuar's service.
He was a rising noble of House Llyrandor (the house that spawned the current
hostage ruler, Fhillaraene). His poisonous hatred eventually began to drag
down the GS, and they were perverted finally when the Elves were seduced by
Azrai. Some elements have recovered, some have not. With Tuar long dead at
Diesmaar (presumably at Rhoube's hands after she agitated for the elves to
switch sides and join the humans), most who felt as she did have merely left
the order.

It should also help to understand the following: IMC the elves feel that
Cerilia is itself a sentient being. They also view the woods and the lands as
their very homes, being less tied to a specific location than humans are.
Thus, when humans burn their woods and chop down their trees, it is the same as
the elves going to human lands and ransacking their homes and burning them to
the ground. Evil though it may be, that is how the action is justified in
their minds, that is how they gain absolution for themselves of the deeds they

Rhuobe: The GS here is a vile extension of all the hatred and maisma that is
The Elf. (Perhaps this explains why humans hate elves - the only being that
humans call The Elf is the manslayer, and yet the only being that Elves call
The Elf is Baernagn Sidhe, their first king about 20,000 years ago.) If
extrapolated to the RW, The GS of Rhuobe is a lawfully ordained version of the
KKK that has the power to extend outside the borders of the USA without legal
reprecussion inside the home nation.

Sielwode: The Elves of the Sielwode have long adopted a fighting standstill,
they do not venture outside of their closed woods, and expect humans to remain
outside as well. The GS here is perhaps closest to what it was when Tuar
founded it, before the Manslayer's interferrence and hatred poisened them.
They do not range into neighboring lands, and their motto is "Never here, Never
again." No being who is not fore-allowed by the elves to come into the
Sielwode is permitted to leave. The line in the sand has been drawn, and the
consequences for any who should cross them are well known.

Tuarhievel: (PO version) - Oh the chaos of Tuarhievel. The GS here is in
torment, for it is torn between those who would be as the Sielwode (excepting
Cariele's misdeeds), and those who would retake the Aelvinwode. Rhaundice
Tuarlechiem rules the expansionist GS, while more noble and less prejudiced
knights fight merely to keep the Gorgon away and the humans of Cariele from
further raping fair Cerilia.

Lluabraight: Insular and surrounded by humanoids and awnshegh, the GS of
Lluabraight cares little for humans, and more for elves. Any and all beings
that would invade their woods to not live in peace will be punished, and object
lessons will be made.

That is all, for that is the breadth of my campaign. When it stretches to the
other corners, then I will detail those elves and the GS of their lands.

Tim Nutting