From: sbt
>It just occurred to me that there could be a market (even if it is small)
to be paid to print these maps from CC2 AND being paid to make original maps
for gaming groups. I was just wondering what the legal ramifications of this
would be. I mean I wouldn't be selling the disc... And if someone came to me
(having a color plotter) with a CC2 OR CM file to be printed, what would, in
your company's opinion, hold me back from doing such a thing.
I would say that if someone came to you with a file they had made, and
you printed it for them, no foul. If you made a map with CC2 and decided to
sell it, and could find buyers, that's your own business, too. If, however,
you are speaking of recreating TSR maps on CC2 and then selling them, that
falls under making a profit off of their property and copyrights, and that's
a no-no. Making one for yourself would be reasonable use, I would say that
even making copies for your gaming group (for example) would be reasonable
use as well, but general distribution or selling in any form would be BAD.

Daniel McSorley-