>> Who says the Gheallie Shien(sorry about spelling)...is about Torturing...?
>> It's just when war happens, or come into our neck of the woods...kill
>> 'em..."kill em all".
>> After all, these humans do breed like rabbits, and that mother will produce
>> a herd of the little humans who then in a single blink of the eye.....grow
>> up to be elf slayers and abusers......
>> It's war.....an elf can't afford to be nice...because to an immortal
>> elf...that 15 years it takes for a new born to pick up an axe...is just a
>> few minutes or hours...to you and me......

This sounds supiciously like what my players have previously said about
goblins and other humanoids. They breed like rabbits and only take a short
time to be back up to strength and killing. So I would say that the
Gheallie Sidhe is doing just what the humans have said about the goblinoids.
The elves that torture are evil, that I'll agree to but the ones that kill
these menaces to the forest (humans) are doing just what humans do when they
go into a goblin lair and kill all of the goblins.